Covid Response

 Our intention is always to inform you of the current laws and guidelines, as they pertain to and apply to our gatherings, events and worship services. Your compliance with them, or not, is ultimately up to you. We do not want anything to prohibit you from attending church in person if you are healthy and choose to attend.

While we always encourage respect and consideration for each other, as well as common sense and good hygiene practices, mask wearing is optional and voluntary here at NPC church services and events.


While we always want to be considerate of our guests, visitors and each other, it has always been our opinion that each person’s healthiness and what they do to ensure that is ultimately up to each person. 

If you want to attend church in-person, please do so, with or without wearing a mask if you are otherwise healthy and symptom free. As with any usual circumstance of unhealthiness, like running a fever or sore throat, please stay home until you are symptom free for at least 24-36 hours and continue to watch each Sunday’s message on our Live stream Facebook page, replayed multiple times on Sundays, or watch the messages on our web site, usually one day delayed.

Thank you for continuing to be a loved, and valuable part of the New Promise Church family. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please call the church office (440)256-3705.


Pastor Rory Grooters