Prayer and Fasting

Join Us in Praying for our Country

While there are many examples in scripture of prayer and fasting for an extended period of days, the most notable is Daniel in the Old Testament.


There is no greater need today to fast and pray for than a strong move of God in our country because we are under spiritual attack from divisive demonic spirits of lawlessness through human agents not seen in our country since the 1960s.


While our enemy is strong, God is much stronger. While our enemy has resolved we stand with greater resolve and greater resources to win this battle and for God to heal our land.


Where there is hatred we want to sow love. Where there is hurt and social injustice we want to bring healing, justice and forgiveness. We need God to turn riots into revivals and social disunity and unrest into togetherness in Jesus Christ. We the Church have no greater weapon than the Holy Spirit of God in us, actively demonstrating and proclaiming through faithful vocal and focused prayer and fasting along with the proclamation of the word and worship of almighty God!


Please join Karen and I over these next 37 days of prayer and fasting for our country not just for the outcome of the election, but also for what happens after the election.


There are several types of fasts. The links to some of them will be included here.


We are doing the Daniel Fast which consists of abstaining from breads, sugars, carbs, most meats and eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of juices and water.


If you have any medical conditions please consult your doctor before starting any fast. Also please consider the type of job you have as to how many meals you should fast or not per day.


Above all remember to spend the time you would normally spend eating or maybe watching television or taking a break or something like that, in prayer listening to God, reading his word and speaking to him on behalf of our nation. The church is very strong and powerful and is what stands in the gap between humanity and hell.


Blessings as you fast and pray for the USA.

Pstr. Rory Grooters

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