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Our Values

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  • God

    • Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Creator, Savior, Sanctifier of people’s lives  

  • People

    • Everyone is created in the image and likeness of God and matters to God and to us

  • Connecting people to God and to each other in meaningful relationships

  • Relationships of love, togetherness, grace, respect and forgiveness, centered in Jesus Christ. 

Our Values

“To Seek, Save & Disciple the Lost by offering hope to everyone and making disciples of Jesus Christ.”


Luke 19:10; Matthew 28:19; Romans 5:5 

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement
  1. Building Believers to be Sensitive to Seekers 
       - Luke 19:1-10 

  2. Biblically Based 
      -  2 Timothy 3:16

  3. Socially Minded: love God & love people
       - Mark 12:30 

  4. Intentional Christianity: communicating the uniqueness of Jesus Christ 
      - Col 1:15 

  5. In a Classic Contemporary Culture, style, approach, appearance, environment, aesthetics, in how we talk, sing, and applying God’s Word & Holy Spirit, which is to be a follower of Jesus. Luke 22:20 Hebrews 9:15  

  6. Dependent on the Holy Spirit
      - Acts 1:8 

  7. Equipping people to Serve God by Serving people in church & in our community
      - Ephesians 2, 4 

  8. Emphasizing Excellence in Everything
      - Col 3:23 

  9. Focusing on multi-generational Families; traditional, blended, single parent, from grand-kids to grandparents
      - Proverbs 13:22; 17:6; Psalms 128:6 

  10. Generous in Giving our time, talents, treasure & tithe. 
      - Acts 2:46; Gal 6:1; 2 Corinthians 9:6.  

Our Ten Pillars

Our Ten Pillars


We believe the scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments are the inspired word of God. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) We believe the Holy Spirit guided and directed human authors to create God’s written means of communication with us, which reveals God’s love and plan to be in relationship with all of humanity. The Bible is God’s blueprint for living the Christian life and is sufficient for all doctrinal and testimonial instruction. 


We believe in one God, who exists in three distinct persons…the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each person of the Trinity is equally the one God in being, essence, character, power and eternal qualities. 


We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior who came to earth in the flesh to reveal God to humans and to restore all of fallen humanity to a personal relationship with God. We believe Jesus was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary; he is both fully human and fully God. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life and embodies the truth about God and the Truth of God. Jesus willingly died on the cross to demonstrate God’s love for sinful humans and to provide salvation for all humanity. His sacrifice in our place provides all humans the means to be reconnected with their loving Creator. We believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Jesus ascended into heaven, where he rules as our Lord (absolute authority) and advocate. Jesus will return to earth in the future to establish God’s perfect peace and justice for all time. 


We believe in the divine personhood of the Holy Spirit as an equal part of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is God present, living within each follower to empower a life that reflects the lifestyle, values and character of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the change agent in the lives of Jesus’ followers, illuminating God’s word for understanding and application in the life of each. The Spirit is involved in progressively transforming each follower into the image of Christ and is actively working within the Christian community and world at large to bring about God’s plan of redemption for all people and all creation. 


It is God’s will that his children live life to the fullest and to that end He has provided for us to be both indwelt by the Holy Spirit at conversion and also to be filled with the Holy Spirit subsequent to conversion. We believe that the fullness of the Spirit will empower us for more fulfilling Christian service as well as cleanse us from the desire to do contrary to the known will of God. 


We believe that God desires that his children walk in the light as he is in the light. Therefore, God makes provision for us to both know and do the truth by giving to us of Himself in the person of the Holy Spirit. We are responsible to both live in obedience to scripture and also be sensitive that we do not intentionally do that which would cause others to stumble spiritually. We are to live in victory over sin and in harmony with our brothers and sisters as part of the family of God. 


We believe the Church (also known as the Body or Bride of Christ in scripture) is a spiritual organism made up of all those in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, who are called to live in fellowship and worship together. We believe in the priesthood of all believers: everyone in relationship with Christ is gifted, empowered and called to serve within God’s mission to reach the world. The Church is God’s vehicle on earth to bring about God’s justice and mercy for all people. 


We celebrate 2 sacraments. We encourage all believers to be baptized by immersion after conversion. We also offer the Lord’s Supper for all believers, who wish to participate, several times during the year at our Sunday worship services. 


We encourage all parents to dedicate their children to the Lord in a public worship service as soon as reasonable and desirable after birth. We believe that this dedication is a reflection of the parent’s commitment and has no spiritual significance for the child directly. 

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

Our History


New Promise Church began in April of 2007 when 150 people decided to reclaim the
land the church is built on, from a horrible past, to a God honoring bright and glorious
future, proclaiming the life, love and light of God’s amazing grace in Jesus Christ, to the
communities of people surrounding Kirtland, Ohio.

Although somewhat Wesleyan in our doctrine, we are an independent church, made up
of people from various Christian denominations, as well as people who didn’t have any Christian church affiliation or background.

In May 2008, a groundbreaking celebration was held and construction began on the
new facility. On April 5th , 2009, after only ten months, New Promise Church held its first
service in our new facility. We have been large and we have been small, but in all things
at all times, we have diligently and humbly proclaimed the life, love and light of God’s
amazing grace in Jesus Christ, through various people, worship services, concerts and
events, to everyone we come in contact with.
New Promise Church is a place where YOU belong. If you’re looking for a NEW start with God and in life, come to New Promise where old things have passed away and all things have become New”
  - 2 Corinthians 5:17

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