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What to Expect 

Checking out a new church can be totally strange and uncomfortable, from how to get there, to what type of donuts they will have, to how long-winded the preacher will be—we get it!


Here at NPC, we have Biblically-based messages that are relevant to today!

Whether you are the shirt & tie type or the Ohio State hoodie with shorts type, you will fit right in here at NPC (if you like to wear a shirt and tie with shorts, that’s just weird but you can still hang out with us).

We want you to feel at home here, and if that means taking notes on an iPad, or with a pen and notebook you are welcome. We also serve coffee and yummy donuts after our 10:00 am service. 

Our mission is for every person in NE Ohio to belong and be loved in a Christ-centered community, know that Jesus Christ is the Lord of their life, and become more and more like Christ.

Services run 75 minutes (the sermon is about 32.5 minutes).

Live and engaging music. 

Fun teaching for your kids & teens.

A community of believers you can trust.

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